• 13.11.16






             At the 16th, Dec., 16 we play together with

             PROXILLIAN and KAMBRIUM at the KuBa-Halle

             in Wolfenbüttel (Germany).


            Doors: 19 H., Price: 10 €

Pic.: Sven S., Vent-Artivity
Pic.: Sven S., Vent-Artivity
  • 04.04.16                                                WOLFS MOON Live


    25.06.2016  Krachlatten-Party (Grasleben, Germany)


    02.07.2016   JFBZ (Helmstedt, Germany)

Pic.: Sven S., Vent-Artivity
Pic.: Sven S., Vent-Artivity
  • 10.02.16                                                          2016


                                                             24 years WOLFS MOON


                                            Celebrate with us the return of THREE bandmembers !


    After a few months in the underground we proudly present our new line – up:

Frank – Kanone – Brüning         Bass

Peter Dickert                            Bass

 Andreas Rinke                         Drums

Robert Rogge                          Vocals

Gerd – Sammy – Simson          Guitar


Our thanks go out to ex-bassist Marco Dammann for all the years we played together

with best wishes for his future and upcoming musical projects.


Live-Gigs are planned for the second half of 2016 


Keep Metal Alive


Kanone – Pete – Andi – Robert -- Sammy  

  • 23.11.14


KRACHNACHT 2 Compilation in current LEGACY-Magazine

We're with 19 other Bands on the KRACHNACHT 2-Compilation wich was enclosed at the LEGACY-MAGAZINE No. 93 this month.

-Check it out!

  • 13.09.14    WOLFS MOON searching for a new Drummer!

                            Now we're searching for a new men behind the Drumkit.

                            We let you know, when our quest had an ending and we find a new suitable one.


  • 12.09.14    Drummer Andreas leave the band!

                            After a few minor disagreements related to music between the bass player Marco 

                            and founder/drummer Andreas, Andi decided to leave the band and step aside for

                            new talent to be found soon.

                            Andi has been finding it increasingly difficult to meet Marco’s needs due to his   
                            demanding job as a Managing Director.


                            As from now on, Wolfs Moon and Andreas Rinke go their own separate ways     
                            peacefully and in the highest regard to one another.
                            Andi wishes all the very best to his former band-members, he hopes they will  
                            soon be able to find a suitable drummer.


                            He thanks the fans for all the wonderful years they have given him whilst being a 
                            drummer and appeals to them to continue their amazing loyalty to the band.
  • 03.08.14    Important Information:

                            We must unfortunately cancel the concert on the Gifhorner Altstadtfest (Fr, 22.8.14) due

                            to health reasons.


  • 07.03.14    Site is finished.

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  • 26.02.14    4 Live-Dates, only in Germany  :-|


  • 18.01.14    We have a new Homepage-Design!



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